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It takes a single connection to make the world go around, lets continue the conversation of making your ideas a reality. Want to partner with us? Let’s Talk.

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When Will I hear from you?

All inquiries are responded to in 24 hours. If we need further clarification, our team will book appointment to speak with you. If you don’t hear from us – which is rear, feel free to call us at +8613718410751

How Can I Partner with Startup Castle?

Startup Castle is built on “the whole Village” approach where all stakeholders work together to contribute to the success of each project. It is the reason the local government is solidly behind us. If you want to partner us, you are always welcome. We look for coaches, mentors, investors, event organizers, bootcamps, communities and many more reach out to Anthony via anthony[at]thestartupcastle.com

What are the COVID Protocols in place ?

We are all in this together! Our COVID Protocols are consistent with the Chinese government’s requirements. Safety QR Codes are inspected every day including all visitors and also implemented enough spacing.

What type of Partnerships do you have ?

Currently, we partner with technology providers such as hubspot etc. The Government of Tianjin, Inno Angel, etc. Our Partnerships span from universities, communities, governments, investors and other service providers.

How can I Join the castle?

Oh Yes! the castle is where dreams are made. Submit an inquiry form and our team will be in touch to guide you through the entire process

Can I request specific Services?

Right, so it happens some clients need only specific services and we are happy to deliver custom support services. So it is possible to request Company registration only and we are happy to serve you

Can I request Virtual Office Service?

The virtual office service is available to international companies who need an address, phone number, etc for business development purposes in China. Reach out and we will help