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Incubating Early Stage Founders in China

Welcome to the new approach, connected and open innovation hub in China

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It takes a Community to Raise Sustainable Startups!

At Startup Castle, Founders climb on the shoulders of peers to excel such that Startups do not have to figure out the process alone, from the word go, there are fellow castlers, mentors, government programs and experienced entrepreneurs who support your innovation journey. Founders Get a Wealth of Opportunities. We are an incubator in China

  • Guidance on attracting angel investors and venture capitalists.
  • Grants to help fund bootstrapped entrepreneurs achieve business milestones.
  • Mentorship through curated programs led by regional business leaders.


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The Startup Castle Incubator


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What We Do

Startup Castle backs idea stage founders to build commercially viable Businesses that impact society.
We’ve simplified the Entrepreneurship Process with the Power of the Community

Co-working space

Our shared office space is located in the Wuqing Development Zone. Community and productivity require a true workspace where members from different disciplines share resources, share space, and share respect. We are well connected to the local government, mentors, accelerators, Angels and experienced founders – we hone these resources to empower you

Startup incubation in China

Incubating Startups

It’s a startup incubation system that helps budding entrepreneurs kick start and scale. We are focused on increasing the success rate of new ventures and generating positive economic impact. We plug you into the existing network of curated resources, ecosystem players for you to get sound advice and support.  

Startup incubators and Accelerators in China

Business Services in China

Our Strategic Business Support division offers services to speed the incorporation of new businesses. We also offer certification services for food & Beverage, E-commerce, International Trade, and Medical certifications. We deal with compliance issues, taxation, and recruitment. We deal with the rudiments and you take care of your business

Young Founder Programs

This program is designed to equip upcoming entrepreneurs! It is an entrepreneurship training program designed for Universities and individuals who want to be prepare for their entrepreneurial journey, It includes courses on entrepreneurship, trips to top startups, business seminars, Chinese Business Lessons and other essentials. Its organized 2x every year for 4-6 weeks

Incubation supporting The Global Goals

Our Advantage

Community approach to incubation

Advisory and Mentoring systems

Most Comprehensive provider in Tianjin

Discounted Productivity stack

Speedy Registration and Business Licensing

Local Government Support

Access to resources in other ecosystems

Lower cost of Operation for our Participants

Access to Market information

Seminars & Events

We combine events and seminars to drive the knowledge, Connections, and Inspiration You Need to Succeed. Startup Castle partners with top institutions, successful founders, and researchers to host events that attract thousands of participants. From Fireside chats, pitch competitions, 


Committed to People, Committed to the Future.


We’ve collected insights and stories from some of our top-performing startups, partners, and mentors in the 500 ecosystems. Whether you are a founder looking to learn the latest in growth hacking or a fellow investor looking to find what is the latest in early-stage investing, you’ll find the best insights on our platform.

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All Eyes on Tianjin

Tianjin is strategically located beside Beijing and one of the 4 municipalities (Others are Beijing. Shanghai and Chongqing) directly managed by the central government with favorable policies. With several economic zones and proximity to Beijing, Tianjin has become attractive to several Startups and Corporations. The cost of operating is a fraction of being located in Beijing or shanghai. Being a port city, Tianjin is alive