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Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Consulting

We consult for incubators / Accelerators and other players in sourcing the right founders and entrepreneurship projects. We also partner in organizing entrepreneurial competitions, research projects and getting your technology and education products to founders in the Chinese ecosystem.

China Startup Ecosystem Consulting

The fact is that China is one of the top economies of the world, the leading hub of innovation, and the largest consumer market on the surface of the earth. China Attracts several founders and startup projects each year and serves as home to some of the most innovative ideas. But the market lacks transparency and availability of information for stakeholders outside of this ecosystem. Those within, find it difficult to reach all the resources and other players – Let’s say its fragmented

The Startup Castle helps local stakeholders and external players to find the right information they need. We partner in sourcing startups, organizing competitions, and educating entrepreneurs in China

Consulting Areas

Step 1

Startup Sourcing

Get access to quality Startups?

We partner with big accelerators, incubators, investors and other players to reach quality startups across Europe and Northern America and LATAM. our network of global youth programs, boot camps, and university entrepreneurship programs helps us spot upcoming projects faster and on speed. We trade data and resources with our partners to ensure synergy. Contact us if you need to source startups for your corporate innovations or investments


Startup Competitions

Get help reaching out to the best

Most of our clients contact us to get massive outreach and exposure for their competitions and application. We always draw on our community of startup enthusiasts, community leaders and niche specific groups. We are also able to plug our clients and help them reach the best startups. We support the entire campaign process .

Step 2

Step 3

Ecosystem Research

want to make informed decisions?

It is still one of the most challenging aspects of the Chinese ecosystem, Data is scattered across different platforms. We help our clients pull data from wherever it is for decision-making. We help conduct theoretical research and write white papers for our clients.

Marketing and Education Partnerhsips

Sell to Entrepreneurs

So you have a great technology, training or education programs that target startups in China. You now need a co-marketing platform to create awareness and sell to Founders. 

Startup castle helps you market to busy founders with our local campaigns and out reach emails. we tap into existing network to get you a massive reach

Step 4

Sectors and Industries

What People Are Saying

I met Startup Castle through a recommendation from a trusted community builder. They helped with the preliminaries of setting up my company and building a business model. They understand their business

“We nearly gave up our startup project in China due to conflicting information and complex procedures to acquiring trading license. Startup Castle got us sorted in a record of 2 weeks and also a solid mentoring ”

“We subscribed to Startup Castle’s incubation services after we graduated from university. We knew its not going to be an easy journey due to how complex China is but so far, we are very happy with their services”

Helping you succeed is our #1 objective

With all the resources at your disposal, you are guaranteed an early impact, quick market entry, funding and expert support. Our mentors and operators are individuals with deep industry, investment, or entrepreneurship experience, here to help you move quicker.

Our Support

Product & Design

Helping you and your team to build the right product the right way.

Talent Solutions

Making sure you can recruit and retain a brilliant team that can deliver on your mission.


Tech Office Hours
Legal Office Hours
PR Office Hours
Technology stack discounts
Other Business management Solutions

Fundraising and Corporate Dev

Helping shape your strategy and fundraising story, and putting you in front of the right investors. Get commercial and legal support. Refine your investment story, and master your term sheets, investment agreements, and


Investor Mentors With a Track Record of Funding great Startups. Press Mentors to Craft Your Story & Get Published. 
Finance Mentors for Pitch & Fundraising Documents Review 

Publicity & Communications

Effectively communicate your startup externally. We help you with strategies to connect with the local government

Growth and Market Insight

Strategic and hands-on support growing revenue and building your brand. The Business Development Mentors will support

Strategic Partnerships

Drive growth through partnerships with our corporate partners and other businesses in our network.


Be Part of a High Potential startup. Honest Insights from Successful Founders in the Community Who Raised Money. A network of Experts & Capital Sources for Follow-on Support for Your Fundraise

Event Listings

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Hubspot for Entrepreneurs

All The Castle members can use Hubspot Marketing suit under the Hubspot For Entrepreneurs Program, which includes a Complete Growth Package, a Personal Training session, and 100% Access to Education Programs (FREE) Plus CRM. These are all you will ever need to manage projects, marketing, growth and communication 

How do I get this Perk

All you have to do is to become a Startup Castle member and shoot an email to our Community Manager to get in touch with Hubspot.

Amazon Web Services – $5000 Credits

All Startup Castle members get $5000 worth of AWS credits to be used towards their business. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

How do I get this Perk

All you have to do is to become a Startup Castle member and shoot an email to our Community Manager for instructions

Oriental Career Recruiter Package

For startups, hiring is not easy but we got you covered. As you join The Startup Castle, your startup gets an exclusive account on Oriental career to recruiting Top talents and interns. Founders benefit from branding, career fairs, Consulting services, and community support. All that and an exclusive access to Members only training area

How do I get this Perk

Soon as you Join us, you will have an instant account created for your company and handed over for immediate use. 



Any company that meets Startup Castle’s criteria will be considered. Applicants must either:

  1. Be an innovation startup company or
  2. Unique value proposition – It must provide the kind of value
    that’s unique, solving real life
  3. Available Market– The business proposal should have
    proven customer base and a validated
    client need
  4. A passionate team of leaders – It must be composed of forward-thinking
    individuals who are focused
    on the bottom-line.

In either case, businesses must be focused on commercialization and the idea or technology should have defensible value


The goal of Startup Castle and the Local Government is to support companies in a way that will enable the business to outgrow our facility and move into bigger facilities due to expanded operations. For this reason, clients begin with a standard, 1-2 Year lease. If the business meets their desired milestones, the lease is renewable.


If the business outgrows or graduates from the incubator, the Startup Castle team will assist the company in locating a new space, either within the  Government Economic Zone Network or at another appropriate site. If the business meets the graduation criteria ahead of schedule, it may be able to terminate the current lease.


Over the course of the first year of tenancy, the business will work with our Team to develop a set of graduation criteria based on the current business plan, growth projections and milestones. Twice a year, the company will review these criteria with Our entrepreneurial services team to determine progress..


You can apply through our contact us form page or reach out to [email protected] to connect with our Entrepreneur Team.


We are always on the lookout for the next Founder  and also ground breaking idea. Reach out to our Senior Partner at [email protected] 


We have over 68 Mentors in various industries and sectors. Founders attend selected member only events hosted by our thought leaders in respective industries. The one on one matching is done by our Client Success Team and based on previous experience of the mentor. 


Our partnership with the Local Government allows our startups to compete in some of the elite National Competitions. Get Favorable tax policies, reimbursements, Government Funds in selected industries, Speedy licensing procedures, Introduction to data research and connections.  

Speak with our Consultants Now for more Details